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Massage therapy consists primarily of hands-on manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, specifically, the muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints for the purpose of optimizing health.

Massage therapy treatment has a therapeutic effect on the body and optimizes health and well-being by acting on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems. Physical function can be developed, maintained and improved; and physical dysfunction and pain and the effects of stress can be relieved or prevented through the use of Massage Therapy.

Modern massage techniques can be traced back to the 1700s and the development of Swedish massage, the first systematic method of therapeutic massage based on physiology. Today’s Massage Therapists use their knowledge of anatomy and physiology to combine traditional Swedish and modern Massage Therapy techniques with exercise and other therapies to treat their clients.



We do not do direct billing for massage services to ICBC or WCB.


Things to concider when booking massage appointments

Our team of massage therapists at Krell Wellness Center in Prince George generally book a few weeks in advance, below are some recommendations and things to keep in mind when booking your next massage appointment.

  • Please have your paperwork filled out prior to the appointment or arrive 10 minutes early to fill out new patient paperwork.
  • If you are booking for maintenance massage appointments try to book every 4-6 weeks unless otherwise stated by your massage practitioner. 
  • If you are scheduling a massage treatment for a recent injury or chronic long standing condition try booking one massage per week for the first three weeks.  It generally takes multiple treatments to get optimal results.  Your massage therapist will assess your needs and recommend a treatment plan for you.
  • For the consideration of other clients trying to schedule appointments please do not book treatments multiple days in the same week if you knowingly  only need one or if you know you can not attend your appointments.
  • Keep in mind your treatment time includes an assessment, time to get on and off of the table, hands on massage time and time at the end to discuss your treatment and home care. Booking for an hour appointment is equal to approximately 50 minutes of hands on massage time. Massage Therapists’ are trained to do assessments so they can treat safely and effectively give treatment and home-care and so you can receive the most benefit from the massage.
  • If during the assessment the therapist thinks that you should not receive a massage that day due to concerns for your health you will be referred to another health practitioner or asked to re-schedule.
  • Remember to hydrate and eat during the day of your appointment. dehydration and low blood sugar from not eating can cause light headedness and even dizziness.
  • Please let your massage therapist know if you have taken pain medications, inflammatory medication,  muscle relaxants or blood thinners prior to your massage.  Taking these medications may change the pressure and depth your therapsit can massage.

Times NOT to come in for Massage

  • Please avoid coming in when you are sick, have a fever, or systemic infection or if you are debating about going to emergency due to pain or recent injury it may be a good time to consult your doctor first before having a massage.
  • After surgery it is recommended to wait for 6-8 weeks before having the area massaged.
  • If you have had corticosteroid or botox injections wait for 21 days to get the area treated.
  • We ask clients to talk to your doctor if you have recently had a heart attack, cancer, blood clots, or stroke as o whether or not massage therapy is a good treatment choice for you.



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